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Nurse’s Guide to COPD: Patho, Assessments, Diagnosis, Interventions, & Medications

rencontres У l'ouest COPD   Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the 8th leading cause of hospitalization in the United States and the 3rd leading cause of death. Nurses are involved with COPD care across the spectrum, from outpatient and home care education to intensive care and hospice management. COPD is a disease characterized by airflow limitation that […]


Show Me Your Stethoscope

http://bolataruhan.org/?fiopry=site-de-rencontre-2016&b42=cc An article from William R. Blythe, MD on the importance of nurses… “The truth about Nurses, from an ungrateful, selfish, arrogant Surgeon Yesterday I posted a silly photo in support of this movement, but tonight I want to say something serious while there is ample attention. When a patient comes to our hospital for surgery, […]

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Sepsis Nursing Treatment & Medications

rencontres gratuites 89 Septicemia   Septicemia is a systemic inflammatory response to an infection that causes circulatory dysfunction.  When infections become blood borne and spread throughout the body, capillaries become more permeable, hypotension occurs, coagulation increases, and immune mediators are released. Infections leading to sepsis are usually bacterial but can also be fungal or viral. The term sepsis […]

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5 Step EKG for Nurses

go site It’s not hieroglyphic.  Let me be specific.  Our notion of heart motion can be un-sci-en-tif-ic. That’s a Blood Hound Gang inspired rhyme to illustrate how the EKG can appear incoherent to a novice nurse who fails to employ a systematic approach to interpreting electrophysiology.  I have included a brief summary of key points concerning the EKG, […]

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ABG Interpretation for Nurses

source site When interpreting an arterial blood gas result I like to take a systematic, yet contextual, approach.  Other methods that I have seen on the internet focus on isolating parameters such as PaCO2 and HCO3 and using steadfast rules based on their behavior to classify the blood gas results.  One such method that I have seen […]