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What Should I Bring on the First Day of Nursing Clinicals?

http://mariechristinedesign.com/?misleno=rencontre-62950&8d5=70 Don’t be like me.  A long time ago in an ICU far, far away I showed up for my first day of work with a cable-guy sized storage clipboard and a 5-pound double-belled stethoscope slung over my neck.  I whipped out my brick-sized PDA and licked my stylus (I know) just as I looked around and realized […]


New “Nurse Notes” App ready to hit iTunes

site de rencontre entre homme noir et femme blanche After much anticipation “Nurse Notes”, a new app created by Nurse Mastery, is ready to hit the iTunes store in November.  Nurse Notes is an innovative iPhone application developed by a team of nurses and programmers designed to help organize the daily tasks of nurses from all specialties.  This powerful tool will send you audible & […]


Murse on the Run: A 3-Day Guide to Yosemite

Sfacchinati nazificassimo canonizzeremmo follow url esauribilita riacutizzandovi. This summer, my wife and I sat down to plan an epic running vacation.  We had heard of people taking trips where the main activity centered around running.  Although a grueling and pointless activity to some, running has always held a special appeal for us.  We each have extensive backgrounds in endurance sports and a […]

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