Let’s Talk About Code Drugs.

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go So you’re huffing and puffing as you finally reach the room at the very end of the hall in the remote regions of the orthopedic wing, situated just beyond the next zip code (or so it seems).  Someone yells out to you to hand them “the drugs”.  Now that all the blood flow has been redistributed to your muscles, you are tasked with composing yourself and thinking through your ACLS protocols.  This is at a time when you’re probably wishing you hadn’t just eaten that hamburger from the cafeteria while you attempt to collect your feeble and endorphin-clouded thoughts.  “Um”… you think to yourself.  Actually, you said that out loud and as everyone rushes around in fevered circles you take a deep breath and remember that awesome blog you read not too long ago.  So here you go… the skinny 411, quick and dirty run-through of the super-common meds you’ll be dolling out when the time comes!

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