Starting an IV

follow link Have you ever stared longingly at a sweet pair of pipes rippling the surface of the forearms of gym-rat?  I must confess that, as a nurse, I have practically salivated at the sight of bulging veins on some stranger in the hospital elevator.  It’s second nature for nurses to have their radars attuned to a good intravenous puncture site.  It’s also second nature for experienced nurses to perform the set of operations required to start an IV in under 10 seconds.  Well, what about the rest of us that struggle with such seemingly mundane tasks?  Don’t worry!  I was once a new grad with shaky hands awkwardly approaching an equally nervous patient.  I fumbled over my set-up, searched for supplies, and perspired over my field.  So, if you were like me then this post is for you, my friend.  Keep reading for a simplified, step-by-step guide to starting an IV.

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